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  • By Paul Wilcox
  • August, 12
Blog New Enterprise Level Portfolio Construction and Execution Services

Atlanta, GA

Lucena Research, a leader in predictive analytics for the financial markets, and Data Capital Management, next-generation asset management firm, announced today they are collaborating to bring to market AI-based portfolio management solutions for emerging hedge funds and family offices.

“We’re excited to partner with experts in portfolio construction and management. Together, we present unique offerings, that package data science, machine learning, and portfolio management into single enterprise level solutions,” CEO Erez Katz of Lucena Research said. “DCM brings an impressive academic background combined with hands-on financial market expertise from prominent financial institutions such as JP Morgan. Our goals together are to leverage each other’s strengths and bring economy of scale to meet growing market demand.”

By combining forces, the two companies can now support end-to-end quantitative research lifecycles. From alternative data validation, through machine learning disciplines designed to solve complex investment objectives and ultimately to be deployed into perpetual portfolio management. Lucena has worked in tandem with DCM to test hypotheses in asset selection, portfolio optimization and hedging, utilizing Lucena’s investment research platform, QuantDesk

“Our partnership brings to market the best of machine learning analytics and its application to capital markets. Together, we bring an unparalleled level of expertise in technology and finance to our clients”, Michael Beal, CEO of Data Capital Management.

The partnership will make quantitative research more accessible and affordable for asset managers seeking to expand in-house expertise into big data and machine learning research. Clients can generate comprehensive backtest reports, and perpetual roll forward trading simulations in order to validate hypotheses before risking capital.

The combination of Lucena and DCM’s technologies and domain expertise allows clients seeking quantitative research infrastructure to seamlessly consume, analyze, and operationalize their investment style using both internal and external data. 

Watch Erez Katz and Michael Beal share their thoughts on the future of Alt Data for investment. 

About Data Capital Management

Data Capital Management (DCM) was launched in 2014 as a systematic hedge fund leveraging machine learning protocols and alternative data feeds to create investment strategies. Unlike traditional quantitative managers, DCM constructed their portfolios from the bottom up and utilized alternative data sets to act on fundamental investment insights with systematic execution. 

As of 2019, a subsidiary of Data Capital Management, DCM Solutions, is offering actionable alternative data insights custom-tailored to third-party investment portfolios, going from “Data” to “Information” to “Knowledge” in record times providing a differentiated view on clients’ portfolios or specific securities.

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About Lucena Research

Co-founded in 2014 by serial technology entrepreneur CEO Erez Katz and machine learning/AI expert, Tucker Balch, Ph.D, Lucena Research partners with data providers to develop algorithms that validate and enhance investment strategies through advanced analytics of big data. Lucena’s cloud-based AI platform creates a research, discovery and analysis arena for investment professionals to form, refine, or validate their strategies with confidence and unprecedented visibility into the data. As an industry-leader in machine intelligence, Lucena applies science to finance and provides solutions for clients worldwide.

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