Our Company

Neuravest works with asset managers to implement adaptive investing strategies driven by predictive alternative data, human insights and machine learning.


Our Story

The data deluge that fund managers encounter each day can be overwhelming. Interpreting this data to build or refine an investing strategy can be a difficult task. The Neuravest approach uses new technologies and data sources to achieve a portfolio manager’s investing objectives. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, alternative data and human experience yield new possibilities for portfolio management – portfolios that have the potential to fit evolving market regimes using adaptive investing.

Our Evolution

Neuravest officially launched in February 2021, but its roots have been developed for many years. Neuravest is the successor to Lucena Research, a Georgia-Tech based spin-off founded by our CEO and serial technology entrepreneur Erez Katz in 2014. Lucena’s success was based on the principle that applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to big data could transform the financial markets.

Our Mission

We are driven by a single purpose: to help fund managers succeed.


Investing in our Team

We foster a culture of teamwork, accountability, ownership, and aspiration. We are looking for collaborators, risk-takers, innovators, and “roll-up-your-sleeves-to-get-it-done” colleagues.