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We’re dedicated to finding alpha by employing predictive data and deploying advanced machine learning technology. With a proven track record of algorithmically traded model portfolios, we are set to target any market and investment style.

Neuravest Launches Data Refinery™

How Neuravest is Consolidating Best-in-Class Alternative Data Providers to Deliver High-Performing Investment Portfolios

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Neuravest Expands Team With New Head of Data and Strategy Hire

JP Gravitt to head New York City office with additional seasoned wall street professionals

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Our Story- The Neuravest Evolution

Trusted Leaders in Data Science and AI for the Financial Industry

Neuravest, the successor company to Lucena Research, focuses exclusively on the financial markets. Specifically we apply big-data & alternative data analysis to drive portfolio construction and management. Having been fully tested and matured by a rich client base for the last eight years, the Neuravest offering has now expanded to support a wide array of high-performing thematic and bespoke model portfolios using powerful machine learning modes in partnership with carefully curated and vetted big data providers.


How Neuravest Empowers Investment Professionals

Our Data Analytics Services (DAS) is an award winning, market proven, and robust investment research platform comparable to only very few large and successful hedge funds. By streamlining predictive data acquisition and model portfolio construction, we can deliver fully validated and production ready systematic investments at a fraction of the time, making our offerings more accessible and affordable.

Are you a Data Provider?

How Neuravest Empowers Alternative Data Providers

Our Data Analytics Services platform (DAS) validates your data by providing empirical evidence of your data’s predictive potential through a regimented and automated process. We produce research reports which include empirical evidence through backtesting and perpetual trading simulations.

Our alternative data solutions and machine learning platform can accelerate your market reach and revenue stream with derived model portfolios and smart data feed offerings. We do this by creating new distribution channels to a new addressable market that typically would not consume your raw data otherwise. In addition, these derived offerings also protect the integrity of your IP and raw-data since it will not be visible to the end client. We target both emerging and enterprise funds alike by delivering thematic model portfolios and custom built-to-suit investment solutions to meet specific clients’ investment needs.

Check Out Some of Our Model Portfolios

News Feed Sentiment Long – Powered by Benzinga

Avg Annual Return 73.93% | Sharpe 3.30 | Max Drawdown 6.14% | Benchmark (S&P) Outperformance 21.35%

A long only portfolio based on Benzinga’s financial news sentiment.The model retrains dynamically on a roll forward basis to consider most relevant news content and additional features that account for changes in market regime. Sign Into Our Model Portfolio Manager to See More

Technology Long/Short - Hedged US Technology Large CAP Long-Short Market Neutral

Avg Annual Return 20.73% | Sharpe 1.62 | Max Drawdown 12.24% | Benchmark (S&P) Outperformance 75.28%

Technology Adaptive is a long/short market neutral strategy. The core holdings are based on prominent technology firms hedged by shorting constituents from bearish models targeting the Russell 1000. Sign Into Our Model Portfolio Manager to See More

Street Consensus Long Only - Long Only Based on Analyst Forcast Earning Estimate

Avg Annual Return 42.31% | Sharpe 1.46 | Max Drawdown 18.59% | Benchmark (S&P) Outperformance 14.17%

Street Consensus is a long only trading strategy that identifies stocks from the Russell 1000 with qualified bullish Street outlook.The strategy further times its investment positions using technical and fundamental factors. Sign Into Our Model Portfolio Manager to See More

Earnings Date Restatement Long - Powered by Wall Street Horizon

Avg Annual Return 34.81% | Sharpe 1.80 | Max Drawdown 10.49% | Benchmark (S&P) Outperformance 27.79%

This portfolio is based on Wall Street Horizon’s earnings date restatement. The models identify buying opportunities when corporations announce earnings earlier than originally scheduled. The strategy re-examines data periodically to restructure new models based on the most recent historical data. Sign Into Our Model Portfolio Manager to See More

Dow Adaptive - a long only portfolio consisting of members of the Dow Industrials

Avg Annual Return 38.02% | Sharpe 0.78 | Max Drawdown 31.45% | Benchmark (DIA) Outperformance 14.02%

Dow Adaptive is a Long Only portfolio consisting of members of the Dow Industrials.The intuition for the strategy is to rely on the strength of the US economy while exploiting opportunities for entry based on technical and fundamental factors which measure the point-in-time strength of individual constituents relative to their peers (or their average). Sign Into Our Model Portfolio Manager to See More

Erez Katz

CEO of Neuravest Research

The Neuravest Evolution

Neuravest is a successor to Lucena Research, a Georgia Tech spin-off founded by serial technology entrepreneur Erez Katz in 2014. Lucena’s success was driven by the principle that applying AI and machine learning to big data could unleash transformative benefits throughout the financial markets.

Neuravest is doubling down on Lucena’s most promising business area: optimizing best-in-class alternative data for institutional investment portfolio construction and management. It is a direct response to one of the biggest needs of today’s fund manager: to drive performance by applying data-driven actionable insights to investment strategy.

Leveraging the numerous partnerships that Lucena has forged, Neuravest has built a model that complements its data provider partners by giving them a direct business channel to asset management firms. Neuravest also serves as a reputable third-party resource by independently validating each data set.

Perhaps most significant, Neuravest puts its own money to work by deploying capital within its thematic portfolios to showcase their performance in real-time and provide full transparency into how the underlying portfolios perform with real capital in live market conditions.

Joining Erez as Neuravest’s Executive Chairman is a FinTech pioneer known for building technology solutions that drive efficiencies and eliminate friction across capital markets globally. This industry veteran, who is also a strategic investor in the firm, will be announced soon.

Seth Merrin

Executive Chairman and Co-founder

Seth Merrin Joins Neuravest as Executive Chairman

A renowned entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist, and author, Seth Merrin has spent his entire career reinventing how global financial markets work by implementing advanced technology solutions to drive efficiencies and eliminate barriers for investors.

Before co-founding Neuravest with CEO Erez Katz, Seth was Founder and Executive Chairman of Liquidnet, a global institutional trading and investing network connecting more than 1,000 of the world’s top asset management firms across 45 financial markets and six continents. Seth orchestrated Liquidnet’s expansion into AI-based investment decision support, focusing on delivering actionable market intelligence and insight to fund managers worldwide.

Seth founded his first company, Merrin Financial, in 1985, launching innovative order management, compliance, and electronic order routing systems for asset managers. Initially embraced only by cutting edge firms, these technologies are now industry standard on virtually every institutional trading desk across the globe. Seth also co-founded BridgeBio Pharma, a Nasdaq-traded biotech company focused on advancing transformative medicines for major genetic diseases, and Ignite Solar, the fastest-growing solar-energy provider in Africa.

For his numerous contributions in improving financial markets, Seth was named as the “Innovator of the Decade” by Advanced Trading, an honor he received two decades in a row, was part of Treasury & Risk’s “100 Most Influential People in Finance” list and was repeatedly ranked in Institutional Investor’s Annual “Tech 50.”

A public speaker and thought leader, Seth’s first book, The Power of Positive Destruction: How to Turn a Business Idea into a Revolution, was published by Wiley in 2016. His speaking engagements have included the World Exchange Congress, Federation of European Securities Exchanges, and the Milken Institute Global Conference.

As a philanthropist, Seth has focused on the sharing of knowledge in pursuit of innovation. In 2007, Seth and his late wife Anne Heyman founded the Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village (ASYV) in Rwanda. The ASYV is a home, community and high school for hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda. He has also partnered with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to fund the TOV initiative, providing agricultural tech resources and expertise to small farms in Ethiopia that help improve crop quality and deliver greater yields. Seth is a graduate of Tufts University and has served on its Board of Trustees from 2004 to 2015. He and his wife Anne established the Merrin Family Scholarship Fund at Tufts, which assists disadvantaged students from the New York City area.

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