Gold Futures Model Portfolio Powered By Pynk’s Crowd Intelligence Now Available For Licensing Exclusively From Lucena Research

  • By Erez Katz
  • August, 13
Blog Gold Futures Model Portfolio Powered By Pynk’s Crowd Intelligence Now Available For Licensing Exclusively From Lucena Research

Portfolio outperforms benchmark by 5.31% in April through July, 2020  (strongest bull run for gold in decades) while boasting a Sharpe Ratio of  4.91

Thursday, August 13, 2020 (Atlanta, GA) — Lucena Research, a leading provider of investment decision support technology, announced today that it has partnered with Pynk (, a leading crowd intelligence investment platform, to integrate unique crowd intelligence AI into Lucena’s model portfolio offerings. The integration combines Pynk’s “super-predictor” intelligence with Lucena’s advanced predictive analytics platform, QuantDesk(r) for high-confidence forecasting in Gold Futures. Additional assets such as Bitcoin, Nasdaq Index Futures, EUR/USD and FTSE-100 will be available in the near future.

Model portfolio targets one-week price target of XAU/USD, one troy ounce of gold, spot price expressed in US Dollars. 

Sophisticated hedge funds looking to conduct their own research, can purchase historical data directly from Pynk.  The model portfolio can be accessed and licensed by hedge funds and portfolio managers from the Lucena Marketplace. Model portfolio is designed to support two main goals:

  1. Empirically validate the predictive power of Pynk’s data.
  2. Provide portfolio construction and investment ideas for investors seeking alpha through predictive data and advanced analytics.

The portfolios can be traded algorithmically or provided as data feeds for quantamental investors looking for tighter control of their integration with their EMS/OMS trading platforms.

“Our Data Refinery platform was able to leverage advanced machine learning and data science geared to  validate the predictive nature of the Pynk’s data. By incorporating unsupervised machine learning technique, called clustering,  we were able to identify the behavioral characteristics of a “super- predictor”, a Pynk subscriber who consistently delivers highly accurate predictions.  We then derive models that transform the data into impressive returns. “We believe Pynk’s data is an ideal upgrade for any portfolio with exposure to Gold” said Erez Katz, CEO of Lucena.

“We’re excited to be working with Lucena to unlock the inherent value in our unique dataset. We collect data every 24 hours from super-predictors across the globe and Lucena’s machine learning techniques help find the Wisdom in the Crowd” said Mark Little, CMO at Pynk.

Lucena is in the process of developing additional products in partnership with Pynk. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at: To learn more about Pynk’s data and platform, please reach out to Pynk at:


Pynk is a wealth management platform that uses AI to find the Wisdom in the Crowd ™, making better investment decisions for all. Everyday investors who make regular price predictions enjoy access to a 0% fee managed portfolio powered by our Crowd Wisdom System. Pynk for Business manages money on behalf of Financial Institutions, as well as provides bespoke Crowd Wisdom solutions.

Our Headquarters are in London, UK – the fintech centre of Europe. Please visit for more information email Business Development:


Lucena Research is a leading provider of decision support technology for investment professionals including hedge funds, family offices and wealth advisors. Lucena delivers quantitative analysis and statistical machine learning solutions that enable our customers to exploit market opportunities and reduce risk in their portfolios. Our services include: 

  • Refinery enables data providers to validate and transform their data into tradable intelligence 
  • Marketplace provides access to AI-optimized model portfolios and hedge fund grade signals
  • QuantDesk™ is a strategy development platform for analysts to leverage leading-edge AI and machine learning to create and optimize portfolio performance.

Headquartered in Atlanta GA, Lucena supports a wide range of investment professionals worldwide.  To learn more about Lucena, please visit or email us at:

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