Lucena Research Collaborates with NASDAQ for Predictive Modeling

  • By Paul Wilcox
  • March, 13
Blog Lucena Research Collaborates with NASDAQ for Predictive Modeling

ATLANTA, March 14, 2017 

Lucena Research, a leader in predictive analytics and machine-learning intelligence, and Nasdaq announced they are bringing to market new data and index product offerings utilizing unique Nasdaq data sets combined with Lucena’s machine learning expertise and its flagship analytics product QuantDesk®.

QuantDesk enables hedge funds, portfolio managers and other investment professionals to leverage predictive analytics in their investment practice. The open nature of the platform along with its user-friendly interface enables clients to easily and affordably validate, refine, and deploy winning trading strategies. “We are honored to partner directly with Nasdaq, whose leadership has technology in their DNA. Financial firms need technology to compete in the marketplace and Lucena Research is leveling the playing field,” said Erez Katz, Co-Founder and CEO.

Tucker Balch, Ph.D. led the Lucena team in the integration effort with Nasdaq’s Index and Product Group. “Nasdaq is bringing an exciting and powerful set of data sets to the table” Balch said. “Some of the feeds use Natural Language Processing algorithms to literally ‘read’ news and social media, providing quantifiable information ranging from macro economic data to stock-specific factors. Lucena’s machine learning technology ferrets out the relationships between these feeds to provide predictive and adaptive models. We have demonstrated time and again how significantly we can enhance a portfolio manager’s decision making.”

Machine Learning algorithms enable QuantDesk to ingest, analyze and extract value from novel signals from multiple sources. The technology can identify which signals offer synergistic effects. By combining multiple signals appropriately Lucena enhances predictability and automatically adjusts to changing conditions. This combination of predictive data sources and algorithms that optimally utilize them enables customers to rapidly build and deploy customized data feeds and risk models.

About Lucena
Lucena Research is a leader in decision support technology for investment professionals. Lucena delivers quantitative analysis and statistical forecasting based on machine learning technology that enable our customers to exploit market opportunities with precision and to reduce risk in their portfolios.

QuantDesk, Lucena’s flagship product, provides advanced, yet affordable, cloud-based portfolio optimization tools designed to scientifically validate and augment our clients’ investment strategies. The product includes five portfolio management modules – Price Forecaster, Portfolio Optimizer, Hedge Finder, Event Analyzer and Back Tester. Lucena also provides investment strategies in the form of model portfolios from which customers can derive their own implementation. Headquartered in Atlanta GA, Lucena supports a wide range of investment professionals worldwide. To learn more about Lucena, please visit or email us at:

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