Cognovi Labs Partners with Lucena to Forecast KPIs and Tradable Assets

  • By Paul Wilcox
  • July, 16
Blog Cognovi Labs Partners with Lucena to Forecast KPIs and Tradable Assets

Atlanta, GA

Cognovi Labs, the leading provider of AI-extracted consumer emotions and behavioral insights, and Lucena Research, a leader in predictive analytics for the financial markets, announced today that they have partnered to bring new signal-based data offerings to the financial markets.

The announcement follows Cognovi’s recent win as one of the best alternative data providers for investment managers at the Battle of the Quants competition. Colin Butler, Cognovi’s Global Revenue Officer, accepted the award at the Big Data Awards Gala in New York on May 21st.

“Cognovi Labs’ proprietary blend of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Psychology quantifies how people make decisions and what they will do next, at scale and in real time. Whether you are a fundamental analyst, discretionary trader or quantitative portfolio manager, Cognovi’s Emotion AI adds a new and unique source of alpha to your investment process. By quantifying consumer purchasing intent, Cognovi provides a powerful way for our clients to predict sales growth and product performance like never before,” said Cognovi’s Co-founder and CEO, Beni Gradwohl, Ph.D.

”We are thrilled to welcome Cognovi Labs into our selective data provider partners and provide the buy-side with further empirical evidence of their data’s predictive power. I am excited to note that our research uncovered both long and short signals that can be used effectively for both KPI forecasting and / or algorithmic trading strategies. Moreover, users can now consume Lucena’s Smart Data Feed of trend signals, based on Cognovi’s behavioral data,” said Erez Katz, Co-founder and CEO of Lucena Research.

“While the use of alternative data is still in its infancy, we see a significant opportunity for Cognovi’s Emotion AI to be integrated across a wide spectrum of investment processes. At the same time, it is a powerful new tool for corporations, ad agencies and political organizations,” said Butler.

Lucena’s Data Analytics Suite hosts a collection of carefully vetted elite datasets ready for consumption by a variety of investment professionals. Users can efficiently automate the assessment and deployment of big data with comprehensive assessment reports and empirically validated data signals historically and perpetually into the future. 

Cognovi Labs’ signals have been validated by Lucena’s AI platform and are now available for assessment and consumption through derived offerings such as Smart Data Feeds, or Model Portfolios. Cognovi Labs’ underlying emotion and behavioral data is available directly from Cognovi Labs.

About Cognovi Labs

Cognovi Labs is an early innovator in Emotion AI. It is globally recognized for its successes in predictive and prescriptive analytics using topic-specific emotion and intent algorithms. Given that the majority of human decisions are made by the subconscious mind, based on emotions, Cognovi’s Emotion AI goes beyond common sentiment tools and extracts people’s emotional undertone from free-flowing textual conversations and translates them into insights about their future behavior. 

Cognovi’s core and patented technology was developed at Wright State University’s Kno.e.sis Center, a top-10 global research institution in natural language processing and machine learning. Cognovi Labs took over the technology in its fourth generation and owns an exclusive and perpetual commercial license to the technology.

Media Contact

Colin Butler

Global Revenue Officer

Cognovi Labs, Inc.

About Lucena Research

Co-founded in 2014 by entrepreneur and technologist Erez Katz and machine learning expert, Tucker Balch, Ph.D, Lucena Research partners with data providers to develop algorithms that validate and enhance investment strategies through advanced analytics of big data. Lucena’s cloud-based AI platform enables investment professionals to form, refine, or validate their strategies with confidence and unprecedented visibility into the data. As an industry leader in machine intelligence, Lucena applies science to Finance and provides solutions for clients worldwide.

Media Contact

Katherine Riddick

Marketing and Communications Manager 

Lucena Research


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