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Corporate Performance Data

Benefits of Corporate Data/ Background

Corporate data is a form of “traditional data” because it is generated by publicly traded companies and released according to accepted standards. Official company data releases can be paired with alternative data sources to construct portfolios that have the potential to outperform.

Incorporating Non-Traditional Metrics on Traditional Data Can Yield Insights That Unlock Alpha.

EVA (Economic Value Add) is an established standard in measuring, analyzing, projecting, valuing, and discounting a firm’s underlying economic profit rather than its accounting profit. Superior to traditional measures of profit.

EVA, for economic value added, is an estimate of a firm’s true economic profit. EVA computes profit according to economic principles and for managing a business, measuring its value and making peer comparisons, and not to follow accounting conventions.

Benefits of EVA


Superior Traditional Measures of profit

EVA cuts through accounting distortions and charges for the use of capital

Consistent Transparent Framework

Comparable across “all” companies, industries, and countriesof EVA

Style Agnostic​

Provides an unbiased view of Quality, Value, and Growth investment opportunities

Leading Indicators​

EVA Metrics provide information that can be tied to future share price performance

EVA Partnership

Neuravest has partnered with Institutional Shareholder Services group of companies (“ISS”) to incorporate its EVA (Economic Value Add) into predictive portfolios. ISS is the world’s leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions alongside fund intelligence and services, events, and editorial content for institutional investors, globally. ISS’ solutions include objective governance research and recommendations; responsible investment data, analytics, and research.

Turning Data Into Insights
And Insights Into Portfolios

Let Neuravest Tailor Corporate Performance Portfolios to Your Values and Risk Mandate

Through our strategic data partnership with ISS EVA, Neuravest licenses thematic portfolios to institutional investors seeking equity alpha. Neuravest can deliver a portfolio unique to your firm and risk mandate – optimizing for specific dynamics such as portfolio turnover and volatility constraints.

Only the Largest Asset Management Firms Can Make the Necessary Investments to extract Insights from Corporate Performance data sets.

These investments include multiple datasets, data scientists, quantitive analysts, databases and technology infrastructure.
Many asset management firms can do better by outsourcing the construction data driven portfolios rather than incur a significant drain on resources.

Asset Management Services

Our Objective is to Deliver a Strong Corporate Performance Portfolio With Above Market Returns While Maintaing a Market-Like Risk Profile


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