Neuravest Climate Pledge Portfolios ESG

Environmental Social Governance

Three Key Solutions to address the challenges
inherent in working with ESG Datasets

Data Analytics Suite (DAS)

An end-to-end data and technology stack - Neuravest Data Analytics Suite (DAS) - that ingests ESG data from multiple sources and periodically selects from the best-in-class features in each dataset.

Portfolio Construction

Neuravest constructs unique portfolios for institutional clients - Neuravest Climate Pledge Portfolios - delivered as an ETF, SMA or model overlay.

Community Benefits

An ongoing analysis of the ESG Data provider landscape. We monitor and source datasets - so you don’t have to.

Our objective is to deliver a strong ESG profile with above
market returns while maintaining a market-like risk profile

This is Asset Management as a Service

Invest responsibly

Climate Pledge Portfolios

solutions predictive analytics

Working with ESG data is no longer optional.

Institutional Investor survey results indicate that financial institutions’ interest in Environmental, Social, and Governance issues has become nearly universal.

In response to these challenges, many large asset managers today use a variety of ESG data providers, brokers, and academic research feeds.

EY analysis of 62 of the largest asset managers worldwide shows that most asset managers use between 2 and 5 different providers and some even use up to 10 different third-party vendors to cover their ESG data needs. 

Source: "Why data remains the biggest ESG investing challenge for asset managers." - Anthony Kirby

In practice, financial institutions face numerous challenges working with ESG Data, including:

Contradictory ESG ratings from different data providers

Conflicting ESG taxonomies

Lack of standards and adequate disclosure by issuers

Further, clients are cautious about the performance tradeoffs associated with ESG investing.

However, only the largest asset management firms can make the necessary investments in order to construct robust ESG Portfolios.

These investments include multiple datasets, data scientists, quantitative analysts, databases and technology infrastructure. 

Many asset management firms can do better by outsourcing the construction of ESG portfolios (and/or overlays) to specialists.

Seeks premier feature selection with option for industry neutrality.


Nonlinear modeling techniques are well-suited for working with ESG datasets.

Let Neuravest tailor ESG portfolios to your values and risk mandate

Through our strategic data partnerships, we can deliver a portfolio unique to your firm – focused on specific dynamics such as carbon emissions and alignment with temperature goals, employee satisfaction, workplace safety, board diversity, human rights — or all of the above. 

The objective is to deliver a strong ESG profile with a market-like risk profile and above market return profile.

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