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As textual data grows in depth, breadth and velocity, active managers cannot afford to ignore news and other digital data sources

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Dow Jones Newswires

What is Dow Jones Newswires?

Dow Jones Newswires is a trusted provider of real-time market and business news to financial professionals around the world. From The Wall Street Journal’s exclusive M&A coverage and Dow Jones Newswires’ high speed market and financial news feeds, the Dow Jones portfolio delivers timely, accurate and comprehensive information for institutional investors, wealth managers and individual investors.

 A pioneer in news as an alternative data source, Dow Jones Newswires fuels quantitative strategies with machine-readable news feeds, corporate and economic data, and deep news archives. Drawing on trusted sources—Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch—Dow Jones provides global coverage in richly tagged formats and at the high speed necessary to develop profitable trading models, optimize portfolio allocations and manage risk.

Neuravest & Dow Jones Newswires Partnership

Neuravest and Dow Jones Newswires have partnered to answer
the questions: Can high-quality journalism and news help active managers make better investment decisions? What can quant traders, portfolio managers and analysts learn from the broadest and most comprehensive textual corpus of digital news?  


Neuravest has a solution

While applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) to text isn’t a new concept, Neuravest goes far beyond using NLP techniques to extract sentiment and generate a score on articles. The Neuravest solution goes further, resulting in a model portfolio that has been tested in and out of sample and that can be licensed as a live thematic portfolio by active managers.

Monday = Consumer swipes card to make purchase
Wednesday = Neuravest implements fresh data into models

Portfolio Implementation

Let Neuravest Tailor Adaptive Sentiment Portfolios to Your Values and Risk Mandate

Through our strategic data partnership with Dow Jones Newswires, Neuravest licenses thematic portfolios to institutional investors seeking equity alpha. Neuravest can deliver a portfolio unique to your firm and risk mandate – optimizing for specific dynamics such as portfolio turnover and volatility constraints.

Staying On Top of the News Requires Advanced Techniques

The distribution of the number of daily articles that are filtered for potential signal for the Adaptive News Sentiment strategy throughout the historical period 2014-2021 is shown to the left, with an average of 300 articles processed per day, mapped to 100 assets. This results in 3 articles per asset (company) per day average volume flow. Variance is high, with some days seeing on the order of 1000 articles relating to 500 or more unique assets.

Learn how Neuravest partners with Dow Jones Newswires to deliver outperformance

Our Objective is to Deliver a Strong News-driven Portfolio with Above Market Returns While Maintaining a Market-Like Risk Profile


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