Data that is valuable to institutional investors

Most active managers are not equipped to work with alternative data. Our solution addresses this pain point. We leverage our machine learning platform, data science and quantitative teams to construct data-driven investment strategies on behalf of active managers.

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Demonstrating the value of your data through quantitative metrics

Our Data Analytics (DAS) technology goes beyond scrubbing and mapping your data. Neuravest curates, scrutinizes, and validates data sources to determine which attributes and features drive asset prices, revenues and earnings. We produce white papers, presentations, and statistical analysis reports which you may use as your own sales collateral.

Unlock new revenue opportunities

The Neuravest Strategic Data Partnership program gives data providers access to new revenue streams by enabling a larger market of active managers to utilize the insights in your data.

While there are thousands of alternative data providers available in today’s market, Neuravest only partners with the most predictive best-in-class data providers.

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Data validation

By partnering with Neuravest, Data Providers get a suite of predictive analytics that validates your data and provides empirical evidence of its value to investment professionals. We then use our machine learning platform, data science, and quantitative teams to construct investment products based on your data.

Dynamic buy-side engagement

With a growing market of buy-side firms – including mutual funds, hedge funds, pensions and endowments, family offices, and quant funds, your data is productized using Neuravest’s sales and account management teams. We will work alongside you to distribute models predicated on your data to this key market.

Diverse revenue streams

Our Revenue Sharing program allows you to access additional revenue streams while pursuing your growth objectives by tapping into a new distribution channel that is unable to consume your raw data.